Overwhelming Success at the Together We Can Kick-Off Event in Nienburg / Germany

Overwhelming Success at the Together We Can Kick-Off Event in Nienburg / Germany

65 Migrant Women Attending / Training Modules Starting Soon

31 May 2024

On May 29th, the project team from VNB, County of Nienburg, Job Centre Nienburg and Federal Employment Agency were inviting Migrant Women from all over the County to get informed about the Together We Can training programme, and to register for the workshop modules offered in the training course. At the end, 65 women showed up at the event – by far more than ever expected by the project team!

Credits were given to the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union making it possible to implement the project, to many migrant organisations who helped informing the potential participants across the county, and to the Government of Lower Saxony who implemented coordination offices for migration and participation across the state, which is a key successor for the development of stakeholder networks for integration at local level.

After a brief introduction into the goals of the project and the training programme, and after clarifying open questions such as childcare opportunities, language issues, time scheduling and more, the migrant women started to register to the respective courses. Topics covered by the course reach from empowerment of migrant women to job interview training, from legal questions to company visits.

Local workshop modules will be held in Nienburg / Germany between June and November 2024, accompanied by monthly advice and mentoring sessions. More to come!

Pictures © VNB


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