Building Bridges: Together We Can

Empowering and Upskilling Migrant Women in Rural Areas for their Active Future in a Society!

ERASMUS+ Project TogetherWeCan is dedicated to empowering migrant women in rural areas,

aiming to equip them with essential skills to integrate successfully into education and employment opportunities.

Our project embraces a whole-community and bottom-up approach, fostering collaboration among various stakeholders who share a common vision of empowering rural women migrants

Our Vision

“Together We Can” brings together businesses, community leaders, public institutions, and educational stakeholders in a forward-looking transnational network. This collaborative effort aims to inspire and enable migrant women to become active agents in community-oriented actions and initiatives, driving positive change and empowerment.


At the heart of “Together We Can” is a holistic approach to inclusion. Through training and partnerships, we bring together rural migrant women and local stakeholders to build basic skills and key competencies, opening doors to lifelong learning, personal fulfillment, and integration into various spheres of life, including education, training, and employment.

In the section "Project results" you can read our transnational reports with useful content on the topic about the empowerment of women in rural areas, legal framework and opportunities in Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, and Portugal. You can also read about our methodology as well as browsing through the roadmap for inclusive society which represents the main project results.